Messiah United Methodist Church has a strong heritage of people who want to praise God, grow in their faith, serve, and reach out to others. Since our beginning in 1868, change has been a recurring theme. What was a small country church has become a large suburban congregation. We have changed buildings, locations, and even names. But the one thing that has not changed is a commitment to following Jesus Christ.

Today, we are a congregation of 900 members with a worship attendance over 500. We have a growing Adult Faith Group ministry with small groups meeting every day of the week in homes, businesses and at the church. We are involved in mission projects in our neighborhood and around the world. In 2000, we started Kids Care Connection, a child care ministry to assist families unable to afford child care. Messiah is actively involved in mission projects in the west suburban area, Minneapolis, Bolivia, Haiti, and Kenya.

Messiah’s history began in 1868 when a Methodist Society was organized with services held in area homes and the Plymouth Grange Hall. Circuit riding ministers who assisted in these services were welcomed by the congregation and often paid with food and lodging rather than a salary. It was an honor for church members to be able to say “the preacher stayed with us last night.”

Our first chapel—a log one—was built for Sunday services on the north shore of Parker’s Lake in 1871 – the current site of Pillar Homes on County Road 6. This structure burned to the ground in 1887 and again the congregation met in homes and the Plymouth Grange Hall.

parkers lake churchThe New Methodist Episcopal Church was built by members on the same site as the burned church in 1889. The altar for this new church was hand carved by Peter Winnen. The Sunday School membership was approximately 50 persons. By 1911, we were ready for improvements and a basement with dining room and kitchen was added.

Another addition in 1947 added Sunday School classrooms. In November of that year a fire destroyed the section of the church built in 1889, but the new addition was spared. Services were held in the parsonage. Starting in 1948, the church was again rebuilt on the same location with completion in 1953.

1965 exteriorConstruction of the present structure on County Road 6 and Olive Lane began in July, 1964 with current member, Thomas Turnham as chairman of the building committee. During construction, services were held atOakwood School. The Consecration Service was celebrated in 1965. The church was renamed Messiah United Methodist Church in 1966.


current church building

We had more additions and renovations in 1985 and 1999, adding our current Sanctuary, new offices and classrooms for Kids’ Care Connection, a child care center residing in the building.

We have completed enlarging the Sanctuary (2009) at Messiah United Methodist Church. Come and worship with us in our beautiful new space!