Servant Steering Team

  • Messiah’s Servant Steering Team is comprised of the pastors and lay leadership who meet monthly. The Servant Steering Team’s mission is to champion the mission statement of Messiah Church and maintain our focus to reach and make new disciples. The team also cares for the administrative responsibilities related to budgeting, personnel, and facility. The team provides support and accountability for the pastors. Meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.
  • Current Servant Steering Team: Sarah Hellekson, Chair; John Madsen (Trustee); Peter Thorp (Finance); Brian Dreibelbis (Staff Parish); Linda Brown, Paul Hoekstra, Linda Munch, Tami Luckhardt (Associate Pastor); Steve Richards (Senior Pastor)


  • Four Operations teams: Interior Structure, Structural/Building, Outside (Non-Building) and Safety & Wellness are charged with the care and maintenance of church property (real, personal and intellectual) and holds title to the church’s property, buildings and equipment. The four teams establish policies and practices regarding church property that will fulfill the mission and needs of Messiah Church.
  • Operations Teams Leads: Mike Castleberry (Interior Structure); Darrell Kula (Structural/Building); Duane Bequette (Safety & Wellness); Jean Paulsen-Lepley (Director of Operations); John Madsen, Servant Steering Team/Trustee

Living Ministry Endowment Committee

  • The committee generates awareness of legacy giving; promotes planned gifts; receives, invests, and administers in trust for Endowment bequests and legacy gifts. Members should possess an interest in finance, legacy fundraising, management, or marketing. Meetings are held monthly on a Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
  • Living Ministry Endowment Committee: Barry Winslow, Chair; Bill Erickson; Mary Mathieson; Mike Sherck; Bill Westhoff ; Barb Kula

Ministry Teams

  • Ministry areas have teams that are formed and supported by the staff person related to a particular ministry area. These teams include: Family, Children, Youth, Worship, Missions, and Faith Groups. Often there are sub-groups that address a specific issue or program related to a ministry team. Questions? Contact the staff person related to the ministry area.

Lay Members to the Minnesota Annual Conference

  • Two persons represent Messiah each year, along with our pastors, at sessions of the Minnesota Annual Conference. During the annual meeting, a variety of proposals are considered on issues and policies that will have impact on United Methodist churches across Minnesota. This coming year’s meeting will be held June 20-22, 2017 in St. Cloud.