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Messiah Living Ministry Endowment Application for Ministry Grant.

What is the Messiah Living Ministry Endowment?
The vision of the Messiah Living Ministry Endowment is to enable programs that support the hands and feet of Christ, providing funds that build and broaden relationships through loving God, loving each other, and loving the world. The Messiah Living Ministry Endowment provides additional resources, apart from regular giving, to enrich future generations through legacy gifts consistent with Messiah’s mission. The special characteristic of this fund is that gifts given remain in the fund. With the Messiah Living Ministry Endowment, even one-time contributions turn into gifts for which our ministries benefit year after year.

How is money from the Messiah Living Ministry Endowment used? The fund supports Messiah’s vision and mission to:

  • Build relationships; transforming lives through deep meaningful connections with others
  • Grow disciples of Christ through loving God, loving each other, and loving the world

How can I support Messiah through Legacy Gifts? You can leave your legacy as a current contribution or deferred gift. Some examples of your legacy giving  include:

  • Cash gifts in any amount can become a significant force over time. They can be a one-time gift, or renewable each year. Cash gifts may originate from memorials, special events, and year-end tax planning.
  • Wills and Bequests are an easy and meaningful way to express your appreciation for your spiritual life and growth through Messiah. Include the Messiah Living Ministry Endowment as a beneficiary under your will, estate, 401(k), or IRA.
  • Life Insurance and Annuities can help extend your legacy to Messiah’s mission. Update existing policies to include the Messiah Living Ministry Endowment as a beneficiary, or assign dividends to the fund. Or, create a new legacy with a new policy.
  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Commercial Real Estate all make ideal gifts to the Endowment. Many options are available to extend your legacy: Transfer Outright; Name the Endowment as beneficiary; Assign as a Charitable Remainder Trust.

Please specify “Messiah Living Ministry Endowment” on any legacy you would like to leave Messiah.

Is there a minimum gift amount? Your legacy is welcomed regardless of its amount. All contributions continue working for Messiah’s mission forever. For any gift where the Messiah Living Ministry Endowment would be a benefactor, an easy method is to designate a percentage (rather than a specific dollar amount) as your gift.

How does the Messiah Living Ministry Endowment relate to the Annual Giving campaign? Annual Giving supports Messiah’s operating need. Unlike a memorial fund, the Endowment seeks to fulfill its mission to enrich future generations through legacy gifts and supplement the ministry of our current membership.

Change Lives. We invite you to change lives through a legacy that will continue to grow and keep on giving as we serve our faith community and connect the present vision with our future generations.

Why should I consider making a gift to the Messiah Living Ministry Endowment?

  • To nurture and grow programs that change the lives of Messiah members andfuture generations.
  • To serve as an expression of your gratitude and appreciation for the Messiah faith community.
  • To invite Christ into your heart to accomplish Messiah’s vision as we work towards our faith future.
  • To honor memories of  loved ones as a permanent remembrance to Messiah.

Your tax-deductible gift will make a difference in growing the vision and mission of  Messiah United Methodist Church!

For more Information: The Messiah Living Ministry Endowment committee members are ready to visit with you. Please let us know how we can serve you. You may also contact Pastor Steve Richards at (763) 473-6968.