Messiah’s Celebration Garden Columbarium

The Columbarium at Messiah United Methodist Church provides a sacred resting place of peace and remembrance to memorialize our loved ones.  The Columbarium at Messiah offers a place of safe-keeping for cremated remains and also a gathering space, where loved ones can be remembered, honored, and celebrated.  It honors the tradition of our ancestors, who believed in the burial of its members and their families close by the church where they had faithfully served and worshipped.  The Columbarium is located in Messiah’s Celebration Garden between the church and the lake.

What is a Columbarium?
A Columbarium is a group of small compartments or “niches” designed to hold urns for the cremated remains (“cremains”) of loved ones who have died.

What is a Memorial Wall?
Messiah’s Memorial Wall is an area displaying granite plaques with names and dates of individuals whose remains are here or elsewhere.

What is Available at Messiah’s Celebration Garden?
Messiah’s Columbarium will contain 8×8 inch niches of equal size for the inurnment of ashes of cremated human remains.  Each niche can accommodate one or two urns.  An engraved granite plate gives the name, birth, and death dates of the deceased.  For those whose remains are elsewhere, a plaque identical to the niche plaques may be displayed on the Memorial Wall.  Engraved pavers will continue to be available.

Who can Participate?
Messiah members, former members, their parents, children, spouse(s), grandparents, grandchildren and faith community, as well as Messiah pastors (current and past), their spouse, parents, children, and ordained Methodist Pastors.

What are the Costs?
Messiah Columbarium fees initially are:

  •       $3300 – full niche
  •       $2500 – half niche
  •       $2000 – one full plaque on Memorial Wall
  •       $1200 – half a plaque on Memorial Wall

Fees include: engraving on granite plaque, engraving on urn lid, urn for ashes and perpetual care under the direction of the Celebration Garden Administration.  Half niches will be shared with other half niche purchasers.  Half plaques will be shared with other half plaque purchasers. The Columbarium project is funded through the purchase of niches, memorial wall plaques, and special gifts.

Contact Messiah United Methodist Church at 763-473-6968 for further information.