“Kory Wawanaca” (Golden Children) Children’s Home is a residential and cultural center being established to provide a loving home for orphaned and abandoned children. All the children are given the opportunity to grow in their appreciation of their indigenous language and culture, and in their understanding of agricultural and environmental knowledge.

With its rural setting, residents of this home are provided a safe and healthy environment for its children otherwise left on the streets.  Children are challenged to share their culture in creative and imaginative ways, and to eventually grow into empowered adults who see themselves as persons who can truly transform the society in which they live.

This children’s home is a national project of the Bolivian United Methodist Church, and Messiah United Methodist Church is proud to help construct this home through its many Volunteers in Mission who have traveled to Bolivia, as well as through prayers, presence, gifts and service to the residents and community of Tacachia-LaPaz, Bolivia.

KW Children’s Home provides education through the community’s school, agricultural skills learned on their own organic farm, and spiritual growth gained through teaching and loving guidance. To find out more about Kory Wawanaca Children’s Home, contact the church office at 763-473-6968, or visit their website at