“Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4)

At Messiah, we aspire to be the church where “life and purpose connect.” God has designed you for a purpose. You have abilities, experiences, and interests which are uniquely present in you – and for a purpose!

This Servant Catalog is one tool that we provide to assist you. As you reflect on your abilities, interests and experiences, and then page through this catalog, you may discover an area of service that is the perfect match for you. Or, you may want to attend a LAUNCH! Seminar (for more information contact Kami Pohl at kpohl@messiahchurchmn.org) designed to help you identify a way of serving that will fuel your soul and spirit.

Serving is not an extra thing that we do, it is at the core of what God calls us to be – a servant. It is our purpose! When you begin serving in a way that taps into God’s design – where your life and purpose connect, your life will be better and the kingdom of God will break into the world around you.

Where is God calling you to serve?

Servant Catalog 2017-18

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