A seven-part series: September 10 – October 24:
Where do you start, if you were to begin or to begin again in a journey of faith? What if your faith could be ignited or reignited? It is possible to follow Jesus without believing. In fact, the disciples did! They did not believe until after the resurrection when Jesus sat down for breakfast with them. You could follow Jesus your whole life without believing. But where would believing – where would faith begin? Maybe your journey began as a child in Sunday School, and that’s where your sense of faith remained. If you could start or reSTART faith, this is the series for you. We want to begin a conversation where you can explore community, ask questions – open, honest, transparent questions – and experience unconditional love.

September 10 – Starting Point: Everything has a starting point. What is the starting point for the Christian faith? It’s not the Bible. The Bible had not even been written yet when Paul first believed. What was Paul’s starting point? Where do we begin?

September 17 – There’s a Problem: Mistakes are made. There are unavoidable. We are human. “Sorry!” But maybe there is something deeper and “sorry” can’t fix that. But Jesus can.

September 24 – A Matter of Trust: If there is a God, how do I know where I stand with God?

October 1 – Rules, Rules, Rules: Rules may be what turned you away from religion or kept you at a distance. But why are there rules in the first place?

October 8 – Jesus: The issue is forgiveness. Is there a way to forgive myself? Is there a way to let go, to be set free, to begin again? When we embrace the grace, we are free.

October 15 – Faith: Let’s dig down into the nature of belief and faith. To believe is the most powerful force at our disposal. What happens when faith takes hold?

October 22 – Mission: We’ve been invited to be part of a movement. This movement has not always gotten it right, but nothing has ever or will ever stop this movement.