Philosophy of Youth Ministry

Being a teenager is confusing, exciting, exhausting, adventurous, and, at the time, feels like a period in life that will go on forever. Our goal at Messiah is not to tell youth what to believe or to play moral guardians, but to help them channel their creative energy so that they may live in a way that is healthy and fulfilling. We do this by encouraging youth to see themselves first not as their GPA, the sport they play, or their social status, but as children of God first and foremost. It is through this confidence in our identity in Christ that we seek to transform the world through acts of self-sacrificial love and service for others.

We striveĀ  to actively and purposefully prepare the youth to becoming more than just confirmed, but to becoming a disciple of Christ through:

  • Exploring God’s Wisdom
  • Allowing God’s Grace into their Hearts
  • Connecting with Each Other through Fellowship
  • Reaching out and Serving Others

All are welcome. All means all. Come as you are and prepare to be transformed.